A message from the president

    Happy New Year!

    The New Year sometimes brings us news of recent retirements by long-standing CMA members. For an association like CMA, we depend on the commitment, technical expertise and support from our members that participate on our various committees and Board of Directors. We are very fortunate to have a great group of members who support us through our committee work month after month, year after year.

    We certainly celebrate well-deserved retirements of our members who have capped off careers in an industry we are all incredibly pleased to be a part of. At the same time, I realize that CMA and the entire Colorado mining industry loses an important voice to our association’s work. Of course, we are always pleased when a member chooses to remain engaged in the activities of CMA as a retired member.

    I want to specifically mention three individuals who CMA members may know well:

    Jim Bowlby of SCS Engineers served on CMA’s Water Quality and Coal, Hardrock and Uranium Committees, and is very active in reviewing and commenting on numerous technical aspects to proposed rules and regulations.

    Bill Lepro of Blue Mountain Energy/Deserado Mine provided tremendous operational expertise as a longtime member of the CMA Board.

    Forrest Luke of Trapper Mine served on several CMA committees including the Coal Executive Committee and was a great supporter of CMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program. Forrest also served on the Colorado Land Mine Reclamation Board.

    We also thank those member companies for encouraging employees to participate in CMA activities, committee meetings and taking voluntary leadership roles including serving on CMA’s Board of Directors. We acknowledge the value of your employee’s contributions to CMA and the overall industry.

    Last year, we were thrilled when Samantha Anderson of Peabody Coal agreed to serve as CMA’s representative on the Colorado Water Congress State Affairs committee. Having a water quality expert from a CMA operating mine increases CMA’s ability to fully participate in the Water Congress’ development of its position on an emerging Colorado “Dredge and Fill” permitting program, if enacted.

    The CMA Board and I encourage members to maximize their investment in CMA not only by participating in our committees and events, but also participating in a leadership role.