A Message from the President: April 2024

    With only two weeks remaining in the 2024 legislative session, significant legislation impacting the mining industry is in the final stages of consideration. The financial and administrative aspects of two pieces of legislation offered for the regulation of dredge and fill activities in Colorado, HB24-1379 and SB24-127, are now under review, as members of the House and Senate consider the fiscal notes for these bills and the associated costs of standing up the State’s first program of this kind. CMA vice Chair Jim Sanderson and I testified on both bills this month and CMA supports SB24-127 for its straightforward approach that closely mirrors the Clean Water Act’s 404 program prior to the Sackett decision, while taking an amend position on HB24-1379 and continuing to work with the sponsors to improve the language to include much needed exemptions to make the proposed program more workable. We are also anticipating a potential omnibus bill on a variety of air related measures, which CMA will continue to follow closely and engage with legislators.

    CMA has been highly active in pushing back against a proposal to designate approximately 400,000 acres as the Dolores River Canyon National Monument. The drastic proposal would withdraw from location and entry some of the richest uranium and vanadium reserves in the country at a time when our state and nation desperately need these resources for carbon-free energy, advanced technologies, and national security applications. CMA is also engaging with local elected officials in Delta, Montrose, and Mesa Counties to understand their concerns and provide support to all of those in the region that would be negatively impacted by the proposal.

    Additionally, I was honored to participate in the Western Small Miners Association board of directors meeting and discuss concerns about the proposed monument with regional staff for the Bureau of Land Management which would, along with several other federal agencies, be tasked with managing the designated area if finalized.

    Registration is underway for the National Western Mining Conference and we already have an exciting list of speakers scheduled to discuss a range of topics from permitting reform and new exploration activity in Colorado, to recent legislation and upcoming political races affecting the mining industry. Don’t miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to attend the largest mining industry conference in the state. Register today!

    Adam Eckman
    President & CEO
    Colorado Mining Association