A Message From the President: July 2022

    Coloradoans, for the first time in nearly a decade, will have truly competitive partisan races for statewide elected offices and U.S. Senator. Despite efforts of Democrat groups to encourage support for weaker candidates such as Ron Hanks and Greg Lopez, Republicans and unaffiliated voters voting a Republican ballot made a clear statement that primary voters wanted to move past the election controversies of 2020 and were looking for candidates who could espouse views relevant to Colorado voters. The nomination of Pam Anderson, former Jefferson County clerk, to challenge Democrat Secretary of State Jana Griswold is perhaps the strongest signal Republicans plan to compete aggressively in this year’s election. Incidentally, indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who also ran for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State, finished a distant third even in her home county.

    The nomination of competent Republican candidates who can compete for statewide offices and U.S. Senate will sharpen the debate over critical issues facing Coloradoans such energy policy and the overall direction of Colorado.

    2022’s midyear election is important, and for Colorado’s business community we hope CMA members will get the chance to spend time with candidates running for all offices and make them aware of the opportunities Colorado’s mining industry has to offer to Colorado’s economy.

    Speaking of elections, the CMA membership elected the following individuals to become officers at our 2022 Conference in Grand Junction:

    Lorna Shaw – Chair

    Mark Chalmers – Chair-Elect

    Michael Morriss – Treasurer

    We also want to welcome Doug White to the Board who was appointed to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Chris McCourt.