A Message From the President: September 2022

    Western Mining Association Executives Visit Colorado

    Colorado welcomed western state mining executives last month with executives hailing from Nevada, Alaska, Idaho and the American Exploration and Mining Association. This year, the American Coal Council joined us as well as well as Minnesota for the first time.

    The best part of our meetings was a visit to the Henderson Mine near Empire, Colorado. Our hosts from Climax Molybdenum Company gave us an outstanding tour of the mine and described the market for molybdenum products.

    Our time together in Denver allowed state association executives to discuss trends we’re seeing in association management and a full discussion of policy issues (and politics) in individual states and the country. Nearly all the participants, for example, discussed the impact of new state residents who have moved from other parts of the country into the western United States, and the political leanings both the left and the right have had upon decision making in state governments.

    CMA files comments on CDPHE changes to Water Quality Control Division’s Metal Mining Stormwater General Permit

    Last month, CMA filed extensive comments outlining the mining industry’s concerns about changes the Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) proposes to make to the Metal Mining General Permit. The changes are sweeping and could affect many more entities than already covered.

    We were pleased that not only did many members participate in the drafting of comments, but several local governments also sent letters and comments asking for additional time to comment on the permit changes. In addition, the National Mining Association consulted with CMA about elements of the Clean Water Act and filed its own comments.

    The WQCD announced that it will open a “responsive comment period” (September 6 – October 6) and will respond to all comments received about the comments already filed, then allow for commenters to rebut comments in October.