CMA Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee meeting summary

DRMS Update:

Jim Stark and Russ Means presented the following points:

  1. DNR was questioned at its Joint Budget Committee hearing about the statutory tax exemption for coal (first 300,000 tons) by Representative Chris Hansen who has attacked the severance credits for coal.

Jim Stark: Coal Program

E-Permitting now required of all documents including revisions.

Coal rulemaking to occur this spring.

Russ Means: Minerals Program

E-Permitting for the minerals program is being implemented after full implementation in the coal program.

A scoping meeting will occur on January 23 to discuss a future rulemaking implementing House Bill 1113 (water quality) and revise the temporary cessation rules. DRMS has issued a notice of intent to initiate rulemaking and has provided details for the January 23 meeting which will occur at 1:30 in Room 318 at Division’s offices located at 1313 Sherman Street in Denver.

Jim Stark discussed the DRMS meeting with the Water Quality Control Division to discuss several topics in of interest to both Divisions and CMA. Topics included the stormwater small area exemption and the point of compliance. It appears the WQCD has changed its views significantly and greatly expanded their view of how these provisions are interpreted.

Air Quality Modeling

Doug Lempke of Tri-State solicited CMA member’s participation in a stakeholder meeting being held January 14 between the Air Pollution Control Division and stakeholders to discuss ways to improve the modeling process necessary oftentimes in air quality permit. Several CMA members expressed interest in following-up with Doug for possible participation.


Dianna Orf reported the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s TENORM stakeholder process concluded in November, (a meeting summary and PowerPoint presentation can be found here: (summary), and (PowerPoint).

CMA members should continue to follow this process, and we will be following up with CDPHE staff to communicate any issues we identify how proposed regulations would negatively affect mining operations.

Water Quality Issues

Jimmy Boswell, CMA Water Quality Committee Chairman updated the Committee on this item.

Regulation 41

There is a redline version of potential changes to the rule, the proposal was noticed December 9, and the hearing will be April 13. Jimmy identified several issues of interest to CMA members. The Water Quality Committee will consider filing comments for CMA early in January.

Legislative Report

Dianna Orf updated the committees on upcoming legislative items including bills to mandate bio-diesel and increased penalties for violations of environmental requirements.