CMA Water Quality Committee Update: October 2021

October 19, 2021

Update on WOTUS – Dredge and Fill: Chris Reichard

Two district courts vacated Trump rule

Two step rulemaking process – repeal Trump rule, then propose new rule

Public Process for new rule- unique approach to stakeholder feedback – separate organizers of roundtables. November dates? EPA selects 10 roundtables – starts next year.

Presentation by Bob Gensemer, GEI Consultants, Inc. EPA’s 2018 Aquatic Life criteria for aluminum

Technical Basis, and Considerations for Standards Implementation and Attainment in Colorado

Discussion of voluntary monitoring- should CMA collect data on behalf of members?

Chantell and Stan will discuss whether funding and support will need to be presented to the CMA Board.

Colorado Issues

WQ Permits Webinar

New Permit Public Comment Form

Anti-Degradation – Implicit Nlls -October 27 – Draft Guidance – November 10 public meeting

Anti-Degradation – Alternatives Analysis – December 7 – Division Meeting

Chemical Evaluations – Meg Parrish looking for questions

Legislative Report – Dianna Orf

Water Resource Interim Committee Bills

Dredge and Fill Update