Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee meeting summary

Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety Update
Ginny Brannon, Division Director stated the Division was performing its work “as usual” (during the COVID-19 virus and referencing to employees working at home).

Russ Means stated the Division is now accepting electronic submission of technical revisions and other documents.

Russ reminded the Committee that the Division will be continuing its stakeholder meetings to further refine new legal provisions covering water quality and temporary cessation. The Mined Land Reclamation Board dealt with the lack of a definition in the determination in evaluating an application for extending temporary cessation for an operation.

Russ indicated that he intends to take a draft definition of production and other regulatory concepts to the Mined Land Reclamation Board for input.

Stan Dempsey asked if the Division was aware of the Dredge and Fill discussion at the Water Quality Control Division. Ginny Brannon indicated that they were.

Following the DRMS report, the Committee discussed the following items:

Technological Enhanced Radioactive Materials – TENORM
The Board of Health will notice the rulemaking to adopt proposed rules at its September meeting.

Dredge and Fill
A discussion of the CMA Water Quality Committee meeting held earlier covered activities at the Colorado Water Congress State Affairs Committee in which CMA is now participating. CMA expressed interest in the discussion of defining “gap waters” which was discussed later in a CDPHE stakeholder call on August 25.