Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee meeting summary

October 20, 2020

DRMS Update
Russ Means reported he and the Attorney General’s office have been making progress on a draft of the hardrock making rulemaking revisions that will be presented to the Mine Land Reclamation Board for a first review.

Russ also mentioned that he had met with representatives of CDPHE about their upcoming TENORM rulemaking.

Ginny Brannon mentioned the Board will have two members drop off and the Governor will be appointing replacements for those seats.

Jim Stark said the Division had hired a new bond specialist.

Discussion of TENORM—CDPHE Rulemaking

Stan Dempsey updated the Committee about the status of the TENORM rulemaking which will occur in November at the Board of Health. Committee members noted several new regulatory requirements are created in the rule yet indicated that the Association should not be overly concerned as we can work with the Division in the development of guidance.

Air Quality Enterprise—CDPHE

Howard Gebhardt reported that he attended the CDPHE webcast of its initial meeting describing the new Air Quality Enterprise created in the last legislative session. Howard indicated his interest in serving on the Enterprise Board.