Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee Meeting Summary: December 2022

November 15, 2022

DRMS Update – Ginny Brannon introduced Jason Musick as the new Program Manager of the Coal program, and Michael Cunningham who filled in for Russ Means.

    1. OSM reduced funding to Colorado’s coal program
    2. DRMS has several new employees
    3. Mined Land Reclamation Board needs two new members, one appointed by Soil Conservation Board, the other representing the conservation community.

Presentation by Xcel Energy

    1. Edward Weinberg and Michael Miller discussed Xcel’s interest in working with a coal mine to offload methane captured at the mine site for possible use in the utility’s regulated clean heat plan.

Howard Gebhart provided an air quality report.

    1. The Air Quality Control Commission will meet beginning November 16, and continue on the 17th to adopt changes to Regulation 22 implementing the Clean Heat program required of utilities.
    2. The Air Quality Enterprise is waiting until a new staff member is appointed to release RFP’s for projects to be funded with Enterprise fees.
    3. The Air Pollution Control Division has updated its database to allow the public to access more information from its database that will allow entities to work with more of the Division’s planning tools. Training opportunities will be provided December 14 and January 12.

Legislative Report

    1. Dianna Orf described the mid-term elections in Colorado and provided a written report listing leadership and other key legislators.