Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee Meeting Summary: February 2022

February 15, 2022

DRMS Report:

  • Ginny Brannon reported that Colorado received $10 million per year for 15 years from the federal infrastructure bill to address abandoned mines including coal mine fires. 38 coal mine fires exist currently. New contractors will be needed.
  • Stan Dempsey asked if DRMS had determined if underground coal mine fires were the cause of the Marshall fire. No determination has been made.
  • Russ: Informal stakeholder meeting for hardrock rulemaking coming up and setting up formal rulemaking process.
  • Presentation to MLRB – guidance memo on designated chemicals.

Designated Chemical MEMO – DRMS

DRMS List of Designated Chemicals

  • Stan asked Ginny if DRMS has been contacted by CDPHE regarding the Clean Heat Program’s Coal Mine Methane recovery protocol working group.
  • Hardrock Rulemaking – Miguel Hamarat discussed the topics identified in the CMA hardrock rulemaking subcommittee.
  • Miguel discussed the Designated Chemical list and memo to be presented to the MLRB.
  • Howard Gebhardt reported the modeling workgroup organized by APCD is meeting frequently, the Division has posted a job announcement for a new modeler.
  • APCD is beginning its ozone stakeholder process, moving to Severe non-attainment, APCD Ozone Stakeholder Presentation

Legislative Report – Dianna Orf

  • Air Toxics
  • Off Duty Use of Marijuana
  • Restrict COVID Vaccine Mandates
  • Employer Trip Reduction
  • PFAS

Discussion regarding Coal Mine Methane Protocol Workgroup.