Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee Meeting Summary: January 2022

January 18, 2022

DRMS Report:

Ginny Brannon stated DRMS is presenting before the Joint Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee in its SMART Act hearing.

Jim Stark—Annual production report numbers are due. Reclamation award nominations are due. Prediction of coal production—maybe 14 million tons.

Russ Means—Hardrock rulemaking—plan to roll out spreadsheet and new draft possibly by the end of this week. Informal stakeholder meetings through February, would like to move into formal process by end of March. Rulemaking hearing in May.

Legislative Report

Dianna described legislation introduced early in the legislative session.

  • Customer guarantee to use energy (no ban on natural gas)
  • Tax credit for alternative transportation
  • Certification of Critical Minerals used in Colorado (draft)

Regulatory Report

  • Description of Clean Heat Program meeting—APCD
  • Howard Gebhart
    • Air Quality Enterprise—1st round of projects to be let out mid-2022. 559,000 budget, raising millions in future years. 2.5 FTE assigned to Board. Grant manager, program assistant and admin support.
    • Dave Steward of Crestone Resources resigned, working for technology company.
  • Workgroup created by Division to follow-up on modelling issue including presenting of new guidance to public. COGA also has workgroup.
  • Clean Vehicle Fleet Enterprise will promulgate a regulation collecting a fee for home deliveries and uber rides.