Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation’s “All About Mining” K-12 Teachers Course Celebrates It’s 50th Anniversary With A Mineral Education Award. 

Earlier this spring, the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC) selected CMAEF’s course, “All About Mining: 21st Century Mining for K-12 Educators” as the winner of its 2018 Mineral Education Award in the Public Outreach category. The IMCC is a multi-state governmental agency / organization that represents the natural resource and related environmental protection interests of its member states.

This award recognizes CMAEF’s course for achieving excellence in providing educational outreach that increases the level of understanding about mining in the classroom or community.      The award was presented to CMAEF’s Course Coordinator Shannon Mann and Past Chairman Paul Jones at the 2018 Annual IMCC Meeting in April in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The IMCC stated, “It is a pleasure to recognize the creative and innovative mineral education program that Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation has developed and grown to reach teachers and students not only within the 50 United States, but also across the globe. Your nomination is representative of a commitment to educate the public about mining and minerals and will reap future benefits in the way of a better understanding of mineral use and production, necessary environmental controls, and the resulting impacts on society. Keep up the good work”.

The “All About Mining” course has been providing an immersive and comprehensive educational experience for teachers for 50 years. It was originally developed in cooperation with the Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Mining Association. Since 1968, over 1,550 educators from all 50 states and several foreign countries have experienced the course and gone on to spread the knowledge gained within their communities.

The CMAEF thanks all who have worked so diligently through the years to make this course what it is today. We also thank the IMCC for recognizing these efforts, and the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety for nominating us.

For more information about “All About Mining: 21st Century Mining for K-12 Educators”, please contact Shannon Mann, or visit our website,