Colorado School of Mines Competition Team

    Mining Competitions have been an integral part of Colorado tradition and the student experience at The Colorado School of Mines. Mining attracted masses of people to settle in the Front Range and transitioned Colorado into statehood. Mining competitions are comprised of traditional mining activities. Participating in these events keeps tradition alive in a changing industry.

    The Annual Intercollegiate Mining Competition started in 1978 to honor the 91 miners that lost their lives in the Sunshine Mine Disaster six years prior. As the competition evolved, mining schools from around the world began participating and hosting the event. The competition is meant to keep old-style mining events alive, allow students to make industry connections, and provide good-spirited competition between the relatively few mining schools left .

    In March 2022, the Men’s team from CSM won first place overall at the 44th Intercollegiate Mining Games in Rolla, Missouri. The CSM COED team placed 5th. Following the excitement of this year’s competition, the team is practicing three times a week and fundraising for the 45th Annual Mining Games in Kalgoorlie, Australia. The team is seeking sponsorships to cover travel costs. We hope to take three teams to Australia. Our all-in cost per student is approximately $5,000. We are seeking your financial support and ask that you or your company consider sponsoring a student. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. If you are willing to donate, we will gladly represent your name or company logo on our competition shirts.

    Additional information and donations can be made on our website

    The Competition

    Teams of 5 compete in the following events:

    • Track Stand – A section of rail is constructed and torn down in the least amount of time
    • Mucking – An ore cart is filled and ran down a section of rail
    • Swede Saw – Team members cut through a 6×6 timber rail tie
    • Hand Steel – Team members single jack for ten minutes to drill the deepest hole
    • Jackleg – A pneumatic air drill is used to advance the deepest hole in three minutes
    • Survey – A theodolite is used to determine the coordinates of marked points.
    • Gold Pan – Five pieces of lead shot must be recovered from a pan full of sand left 
      Competition events.
      Women’s team.

      Men’s team.