Congress considering anti-hardrock mining legislation

Congress Considering Anti-Hardrock Mining Legislation

House Natural Resource Committee Chairman Raul Grijalva has introduced legislation (H.R. 2579) imposing punitive fees on hardrock mining, placing additional lands off-limits to mining. This legislation has been has introduced repeatedly by Democrats throughout the years.

CMA, in coordination with the National Mining Association, has sent a letter expressing opposition to the legislation to the leadership of the House Natural Resources Committee and Colorado delegation. The Committee, controlled by Democrats and chaired by the bill’s sponsor, Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), passed the bill on October 23.

The October 23 Committee hearing at which the bill was marked up and passed can be viewed here:

CMA will continue to express its opposition to H.R. 2579 throughout the legislative process working closely with the National Mining Association.

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