Health and Safety Committee Update – November 2018

The CMA Safety and Health Committee met on October 18, 2018 at the CMA office.

Topics of Discussion:

  1. Discussion of topics and ideas that would be beneficial to member companies in the areas of safety and health (e.g. webinars, meetings with local MSHA personnel, best practices roundtables, sharable training materials, etc.)
  2. Department of Labor Regulatory Improvement—Executive Order 13777
    a. MSHA has requested stakeholders’ assistance in identifying those regulations that could be repealed, replaced, or modified without reducing miners’ safety or health.
  3. Status of Federal Mine Safety and Review Commission Vacancies and Appointments.

Detailed Report:

Committee co-chair, Steve Laramore, agreed to set out draft comments for Executive Order 13777 regarding changes to respirable dust sampling in designated work positions.

The CMA forwarded correspondence to Colorado Senators urging them to take up the vote on Marco Rajkovich who was appointed to the Commission seat in January, but no vote has been taken. Without this third position filled, the Review Commission is without a quorum and cannot decide cases.

A quarterly meeting schedule will be established for the Safety and Health Committee meetings. Future meetings of the committee will be posted on the CMA website.