Legislative News – June 2019

The legislature adjourned and left town while the Governor continued to sign bills in order to meet the June 2 deadline (30 days following sine die), allowing everyone to catch their breath following a whirlwind session. However, by this time next month the interim committees should be at work. In addition to the statutory committees that meet every summer (Transportation, Water, Wildfire, etc.) three new study committees were approved which require CMA’s vigilance: Energy Legislation Review, Tax Expenditure Evaluation, and Investor Owned Utility Review. Each of those committees may make recommendations that impact CMA members during the 2020 legislative session. Neither appointments to those committees nor their schedules have yet been announced (June 1 is deadline for appointment of members) but work is anticipated to start in July.

In addition to the legislative Interim committees, stakeholder processes are being commenced for development of TENORM rules at CDPHE. Pursuant to legislation in 2018, a study was prepared for the department to review TENORM sources. That report has been presented to the department and meetings are scheduled with each of the affected sources beginning the week of June 26. The draft schedule does not include mining; however, comments submitted by environmental organizations pushed for mining’s inclusion and urged regulation of TENORM present in mine wastes. 

CMA will continue to participate in policy discussions, meet with legislators, and inform its membership throughout the summer and fall.