Restoring Caribou Cemetery

During the April meeting of CMA’s Coal, Hardrock, & Uranium Committee, Julie Annear made a presentation on the restoration and preservation of the historic Caribou Cemetery. Located west of the town of Nederland, in Boulder County, the cemetery is the final resting place for dozens of miners and their families. The marble headstones marking the graves of the previous residents of the historic Caribou townsite are gone and there is no marker to indicate the presence of the cemetery!

Julie has teamed up with renowned historian Silvia Pettem and together they have created a plan to restore the cemetery. The plans include site cleanup, a plaque to commemorate those that are buried at the cemetery, fencing, interpretive signs, and an entrance marker for the cemetery.

The website details the plans for the restoration and other information on the history of the cemetery. They are currently raising funds to complete the restoration. If you are interested in donating, or learning more about the Caribou Cemetery, please visit