The world comes to Grand Junction

CMA President Stan Dempsey participated in the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce’s the World Comes to Grand Junction Dinner which was organized and moderated by Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction). Senator Scott, a strong cheerleader for both the western slope and the energy industry asked CMA to describe the mining industry’s strong ties to Canada as well as to remind the audience of the status of coal industry in Colorado.

The event was part if a day-long tour Senator Scott organized for Consulate General Stephane Lessard who toured various western slope energy facilities and community leaders. Consulate General Lessar Lessard also acknowledged the strong ties between the U.S. and Canadian mining industry that exist not only for the benefit of both countries as well as international projects.

The Consular General also emphasized that despite strong provincial and political difference that divide Canadians regarding energy issues, Canada’s federal government continues to move forward with several oil and gas pipelines that will enhance the value of crude oil now being sold at a discount because of the lack of infrastructure.

Finally, CMA emphasized the fact that Grand Junction is the home of many mining professionals with expertise in all aspects of the industry possessing experience throughout the world. The opportunity to participate in this special program also supports CMA’s efforts to market our 2020 National Western Mining and Exhibition which will be held in Grand Junction.