Water Quality Committee meeting summary

June 8, 2021

Federal Issues

  • EPA to revise 2020 rule covering 401 Certification program – August 2 deadline for comments. NMA memo identified key issues.
  • EPA Regulatory Agenda – March 2021 – Fall Regulatory agenda, should see spring agenda later this fall.
  • Caitlin McHale from NMA will brief committee – August 21
  • Endangered Species Act rules – Lucy Harrington mentioned this as indications are clear the rule will be revised.

State Issues

  • Colorado Dredge and Fill
  • Spending and Enforcement – Nothing amended onto SB 243 – Supplemental
  • Regulation 31 – Hearing coming up. June 14-15 – Key Regulation 31 Issues
  • Anti-Degradation – Use protected designations – 2020 hearing for South Platte, Commission in that process asked Division to revise process. Irreversible and h – See Colorado Sun Article
  • Standards not routinely applied.
  • Temp Mods
  • Longevity Plans
  • WQP – 5 policy withdrawal – We did get a response back from Michael Cunningham of DRMS, not aware of anyone using the policy.
  • Reasonable Potential – Will discuss further at July meeting. Some discussion going on with other permittees.
  • Chemical Evaluations – Chantell will present notes in July. Miguel Hamarat will also present. Division may present more information at the Webinar on July 15 if interest is expressed at Water Quality Forum.
  • Dianna Orf updated the Committee about upcoming legislative interim committee work as well as CMA activities.