Water Quality Committee Meeting Summary: November 2022

October 18, 2022

Special PFAS Presentations

The Committee received presentations from two CMA members covering the topic of PFAS regulations that have been evolving both at the federal and state government.

Geosyntec – Colorado PFAS Regulatory Developments

GEI Consultants – Presentation of Federal PFAS Issues

Thank you to Chase Holton and Sarah Walker of Geosyntec and Bob Gensemer of GEI Consultants for making these presentations.

Question and Answer Topics

Identification of labs conducting PFAS sampling and methodology

Update on Metal Mining Stormwater Permit – Withdrawal of Permit

Stan Dempsey and Justine updated the committee regarding the Division’s withdrawal of the general permit following public comments expressing concern with new general permit requirements.

Stone v.  High Mountain Mining – WQCD has issued a compliance advisory to High Mountain Mining following District Court decision.  Compliance Advisory