Water Quality Committee meeting summary

November 17, 2020

Dredge and Fill
CDPHE held a stakeholder meeting on November 5 that included a presentation by Trout Unlimited, an update on litigation between Colorado and the federal government regarding the application of the new Waters of The United States rule. The meeting also covered other “gap” issues as well as the development of a “white paper” covering several topics associated with the development of a state dredge and fill permitting program.

Water Quality Control Division Dredge and Fill Webpage

The Division has released a draft white paper that stakeholders can comment on covering all aspects of state and federal dredge and fill requirements and concepts for a state dredge and fill program in Colorado chooses to enact such a program.

CMA members discussed commenting on the white paper; comments are due December 18.

Water Quality Control Division New Policy Regarding Permit Issuance – APA
Rhonda Sandquist described a new memorandum issued by the Water Quality Control Division stating that permitees are responsible for meeting water quality permit requirements adopted after a permit application or renewal has been applied by a permittee. Rhonda asked for CMA’s support in co-signing a letter expressing concerns about the new policy.

Regulation 31- Basic Standards
The Water Quality Control Commission will propose updates to Regulation 31, Basic Standards. Two topics are of interest to CMA members: Temporary Modifications, Temperature Excursions and Longevity Plans. More information about the topics can be found here.

Permit Issues Workgroup Subcommittee Discussion of Chemical Evaluation
Samantha Anderson informed the committee that the Permit Issues Workgroup has formed a subcommittee to comment on Chemicals Evaluations used to document pollutants of concern. CMA has circulated a draft document covering a list of concerns stakeholders wish to communicate to the Water Quality Control Division.