Water Quality committee meeting update

April 21, 2020

Colorado Water Quality Control Commission Regulation 41
Jimmy Boswell summarized the adoption of modifications to Regulation 41 (Groundwater) which CMA participated in as a Party. Jimmy Boswell testified on behalf of CMA at the Commission’s Public Hearing conducted on Zoom. CMA and other parties objected to a proposal introduced by the Water Quality Control Division form of the standards for metals from dissolved to total recoverable. The Division’s proposed changes were essentially a lowering of the groundwater standards for certain metals. Several rulemaking parties complained in written submissions the Division failed to convene a stakeholder process to discuss the changes prior to introducing the concept as a formal proposal.

Thank you to several CMA Water Quality members for providing input and support to CMA’s position and advocacy on this issue.

Committee Discussion Regarding Colorado Water Quality Control Division Response to CMA Letter
The Committee discussed the Water Quality Control Division’s Response to CMA Letter to Pat Pfalzgraff. Committee members noted the Division’s repeat of positions they articulated when they met with CMA last summer.

The Committee discussed approaching water quality representatives from other industrial and local governments to potentially convene a discussion group that would discuss similar concerns. Jimmy Boswell and Dianna Orf will meet with Stan Dempsey to pursue those discussions.

Permit Issues Workgroup – Water Quality Forum
Samantha Anderson provided the Committee an update of the Permit Issues Workgroup, a Committee CMA member participate in with the Water Quality Forum. The manner the Workgroup conducts its activities appears to be changing from a discussion format to a presentation (webinar) by the Division on their policies.

PFAS Draft Narrative Standard
CMA has solicited members review of the Water Quality Control Division’s Draft Narrative Standard document which will now be presented to the Water Quality Control Commission for “Administrative Action” which will occur in July. Click here for the Draft WQCD PFAS Narrative CMA is collecting comments from members and will submit comments by May 8.