A Message from the Chair: August 2023

    Members, I have the honor to write a column for this newsletter for two reasons: first, to congratulate Stan Dempsey, Jr. on a well-deserved retirement, and second, I assure you that the Colorado Mining Association will continue working hard every day to defend and promote our industry and way of life as miners in Colorado.

    Stan joined CMA as President in August 2016 and led the organization through tough times, technical battles, and an era of change for Colorado’s industry. After 7 years of leading the charge, and far more years than that supporting the hard work of the industry, his expertise and efforts will be missed. Stan remains a stalwart supporter of mining and we hope to see him at many industry events for years to come, but perhaps in the back of the room with a drink in hand, rather than running the show. Congratulations on your retirement, Stan. You will be missed!

    CMA was established in 1876 and is one of the oldest professional mining industry trade associations in the US. We are 147 years into delivering on our mission to promote mining in Colorado. Yes, we’ve got challenges. But 147 years have taught us that’s there’s no challenge a Colorado miner can’t handle. We’ve seen our industry band together for the past 14+ decades and work hard to ensure our mines operate responsibly, safely, successfully, and contribute significant benefits to our communities, state, and nation.

    Just as we continue to need minerals in our everyday lives, CMA will continue to lead the industry’s efforts to produce those minerals right here in Colorado. The Board will undertake a thoughtful recruitment process to ensure we find the right person to lead the organization. Susan Raplee will continue serving CMA as our very capable Administrative and Membership Coordinator, supporting the membership and committees with the ongoing business of CMA. We’ve also retained some additional administrative support to ensure the wheels stay on the bus during our transition. Jim Sanderson will continue to lead the Government Affairs Committee. Chantell Johnson will continue to lead the Water Quality Committee. Dianna Orf will continue to represent CMA as our lobbyist. We have a great team of staff, consultants, and volunteers looking out for Colorado mining! Please continue to reach out to Susan, or to me as your Board Chair, to ensure you receive the support you need.

    Thank you for being part of this journey, whether many years or a few, because all of you together make an incredible industry and Association.

    Lorna Shaw
    Chair, Board of Directors
    Colorado Mining Association