A message from the president

It’s just a few a few weeks before MINEXCHANGE, CMA’s 123rd National Western Mining Conference which is presented jointly with SME’s Annual Conference & Expo. If you haven’t yet registered, please do so here.

Planning this year’s conference virtually has required close coordination with our SME colleagues. Stephanie Shark, CMA’s Director of Marketing, Membership, and Events works very closely with SME staff to coordinate various aspects of the conference. We very much appreciate the cooperation we have received from those presenting at this year’s conference, as we navigate new ways the conference is presented.

Our program this year is outstanding, and we are excited to present several emerging and crosscutting topics of interest to CMA members. Many of the presentations will include a live Q&A with the presenters and registrants will also be able to view presentations for 60 days after they are presented.

We are also pleased to have the Department of Natural Resources and Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety jointly present our annual Reclamation and Safety awards virtually. DNR Executive Director Dan Gibbs will present CMA’s Environmental Stewardship awards and provide an update of his Department’s activities. Please join us for this special presentation.

Once again, we thank our SME colleagues for their collaboration in organizing this conference, especially in a pandemic. The deployment of a virtual platform, altering the way presentations are made, and challenges all conference organizers face every year make careful and deliberate coordination even more vital.

Finally, a quick note about the 2021 legislative session. Please read Dianna Orf’s legislative report below, as it provides members a detailed summary of legislation and regulatory activities CMA is actively addressing. We are disappointed we could not host our annual legislative reception but are working to have members of the legislature visit virtually with CMA’s Government Affairs Committee, which meets via Zoom every Monday at noon. If you would like more information about the Committee, please let us know.