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Fall is in the air and life isn’t quite normal yet, not that it has to be in order to be moving forward. The change in season is making me sentimental and I was thinking of our first group of teachers, under the new format, in 2015. It was a small group, Wallis, Geoffrey, Erika, and Kevin. Paul Jones joined us and we were able to travel in a Suburban, making it an intimate, talkative five-day field trip. It was so much fun and I think the teachers were able to get so much out of the small setting, especially at the mine sites. I heard from Kevin in 2018 when he was bringing his children to Colorado for an educational vacation, and he wanted me to know that he used so much of what he learned that summer in his everyday classroom and wanted to share with his children the joy of what he had done. I felt it was a great compliment to the program and I can’t wait until we can do this again in person.

Class of 2015 at the Western Mining Museum.

CMAEF has become a participant in the annual Colorado Gives campaign. We hope to be able to gain some notoriety for our program, and possibly some new fans, by being a part of this large campaign. Keep your eyes out for updates. And as always, there are many ways you can support our education efforts. There is the traditional way of sending a check or making a wire transfer and there is the simple use of choosing us as your charitable foundation when purchasing from Amazon. All you have to do is choose Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation as your charity when you log onto and shop as you would normally; Amazon will award us a small percentage of your purchase with no extra charge to you.

Hope you are well and staying safe, everyone!

Shannon Mann, Course Coordinator – Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation