Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee Meeting Summary: September 2021

September 21, 2021

  1. DRMS Update: Ginny Brannon announced the names of the Governor’s appointments to the Mine Land Reclamation Board. Those are Jill Nelson, Patrick Ortiz, and Anthony Lobato.
  2. Russ Means mentioned the Dawson Creek mine project and noted 200 objections have been received.
  3. Hardrock Rulemaking: DRMS intends to release a new draft of the proposed rules covering water quality and temporary cessation.
  4. Jim Stark announced DRMS finalized a new MOU with the Water Quality Control Division.
  5. Jill Nelson, a new Mine Land Reclamation Board appointee, was introduced.
  6. The Committee was updated about developments regarding Dredge and Fill.
  7. Kathy Welt solicited feedback from coal committee members regarding the use of silt by agencies in inspections.
  8. Poppy Staub announced her new position at Ouray Silver Mines.
  9. Howard Gebhart announced his retirement.