Education Foundation Update: June 2023

The Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation is happy to announce that we have expanded our two-day teacher workshops to both Golden and Leadville in June. The workshops were tremendously successful with 20 teachers at the Golden workshop and 10 at the Leadville workshop. The teachers taking the course provided lots of positive feedback about how much they learned and how valuable they found the experience.

Our first day in Golden included on-campus sessions and field trips with members of the mining industry and professors from the Colorado School of Mines donating their time and energy to share their knowledge of what the mining process is from social impacts of mining, the exploration and development of a mine, the types of careers that are involved in the mining industry and how critical it is to our everyday lives. Our second day had a tour of the Edgar Mine, lunch in Idaho Springs and concluded with an outstanding tour of Martin Marietta’s Spec Agg Quarry.

Our first day in Leadville began at the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum and moved from there to the Climax Molybdenum Mine, Mill and Water Treatment Plant. Our second day, we had several more lectures at the NMHFM then we were off to the Matchless Mine and then the California Gulch Water Treatment Plant.

Our third course this summer is the Mining for a STEAM Education Virtual Course which continues until mid-July. We have 10 teachers exploring the reasons we mine, how exploration and development of mines occurs and what mining might look like in the future.

The following people contributed their time and talent to making this possible and we would like to thank them:

  • Hugh Miller, CSM Mining Department
  • Jeff Pontius, Exploration Geologist
  • Matt Sullivan, SRK Consulting
  • Bruce Yoshioka, CSM Mining Department
  • Ryan Miles, The Electrum Group
  • Eileen Sullivan, Henderson Mine
  • Diana Kelts, Climax Molybdenum
  • Fred & Sandra Mark, the Mark Farm
  • Elizabeth Dinschel, NMHFM
  • Michelle Gazarik, Eco-Cycle
  • Will Santos, Newmont

And another thanks to the following for their donations that helped make this such an outstanding experience for our teachers:

  • Eileen Sullivan, Mineral Field Guides for teachers
  • Trapper Mining, sponsorship of attending teachers
  • Wagner Equipment, field notebooks for teachers

Look for new and exciting updates in the upcoming months!

For more information, please contact:
Sandie Sullivan, Workshop Coordinator