Water Quality committee meeting update

March 17, 2020

CMA’s Water Quality Committee primarily discussed CMA’s participation in the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission’s rulemaking updating its Groundwater Regulation (Regulation 41). CMA filed a Responsive Pre-Hearing Statement late in February addressing the Colorado Water Quality Control Division’s proposal to changes to total and dissolved metals standards and points of compliance regulatory language. In its Rebuttal Statement, the Division appears to have modified its proposal to limit its intent to address total and dissolved metal standards to a site-by-site basis. CMA will testify at the Commission’s public hearing on April 13.

The committee also asked Stan Dempsey to follow up with the Water Quality Control Division to see if a response to CMA’s letter identifying issues related to mining would be forthcoming. Following the meeting the Division sent CMA that response; however, the response did not seem to clarify some of the issues identified by CMA. We will discuss the Division’s response at our next CMA Water Quality meeting.