All About Mining: 21st century mining for K-12 educators

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the CMA Education Foundation has decided to suspend the in-person classes and field trip components of this summer’s All About Mining course that were scheduled for June 18-26, 2020.

As we learn to navigate this pandemic, we have all turned an eye to things we can do together, apart. The CMAEF has a great, motivated Board of Directors that deserves a nod here. Our leadership, under Chairperson Ms. Jessica Levental, has not only brought us together, but is working in concert to make many positive adjustments to our online content and course offerings. Jill Nelson, Resa Fury, Michael Patterson, Ben Geller, Colleen Sologub-Sobering and Stan Dempsey, Jr., have dug in and offered great ideas and acted upon them. Jack Merritts has continued to support and offer advice and experience. Ryan Miles has single handedly spent countless hours on several projects including our website which is currently being retooled. I can’t thank them enough for their continued efforts to make “All About Mining” the best online course option for K-12 teachers. There are many ways you can support our education efforts.

There is the traditional way of sending a check or making a wire transfer, and there is the simple use of choosing us a your charitable foundation when purchasing from Amazon. All you have to do is choose Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation as your charity when you log onto and shop as you would normally; Amazon will award us a small percentage of your purchase with no extra charge to you.

Stay safe everyone!

Shannon Mann, Course Coordinator – Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation