All About Mining: As with Everything, Change Comes Along

The CMA Education Foundation’s All About Mining course has a long and proud history behind it, starting with the 1968 “Total Concept in Mining” course that morphed into our course of today. There were many key people along the way, but in the recent history of 25-30 years, there were three key people who moved this course along into the 21st Century. After decades of service, our three “Elder Statesmen” have retired from our Board. All of us at CMAEF send out a hearty thank you to Paul Jones, Bill Wilson and Guy Johnson. Their generous contributions of commitment, time, effort, and down right elbow grease have made this course successful and viable. We will miss these three sage gentlemen and wish them the very best in the future.

As we strive to give the All About Mining teachers a well-rounded look at the minerals industry, we too are learning new ways to deliver such an education. Many of us are “traditionalists” when it comes to learning. We were brought up with an instructor in front of us, telling us where, when and why things were the way they were. As it turns out, this is still used, but certainly not to the extent that it once was. It seems that one of the preferred ways to learn is to watch short animated explanations of subjects. They are effective and help to manage time for the teachers. Keep an eye out for some new subjects on our website.

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If you would like to know more about us, or get involved in our exciting educational mission, please contact me by email.

Shannon Mann
Course Coordinator – Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation