Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee meeting summary

December 15, 2020

DRMS Update: Russ Means reported the Division is completing its update of production reports required by Colorado statute that the Colorado state auditor’s office identified as being needed to be completed. Russ also described the Division’s schedule for stakeholder engagement pertaining to updates to the hardrock rules. CMA has convened a separate workgroup to participate in that stakeholder process.

TENORM: The Colorado Board of Health adopted rules pertaining to Technological Enhanced Radioactive Materials (TENORM) in which CMA participated in. CMA is disappointed the final version of the rules deferred many of the regulatory requirements to the development guidance documents in the future.

The committee discussed Air Quality Control Commission’s recent (November 2020) adoption of the 10-year update to Colorado’s Regional Haze plan that included provisions requiring additional closure of coal fired power plants not listed for retirement in the proposed plan agreed to by electric utilities or the Air Pollution Control Division. Since the CMA meeting, the Commission reversed that decision.

Howard Gebhart summarized the latest Air Quality Enterprise stakeholder call in which the Air Pollution Control Division continues to discuss new fees needed to fund the Enterprise. Governor Polis recently announced appointments to the Enterprise. Click here for the Enterprise website. Congratulations to Jennifer McCurdy Chinea of Tri-State Generation and Transmission for her appointment by Governor Polis.

Samantha Anderson briefly updated the committee about the Water Quality Committee’s efforts to provide written comments to the Dredge and Fill White Paper drafted by the Water Quality Control Division.