Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee Meeting Summary: November 2021

November 16, 2021

DRMS Update

Ginny Brannon—Status of COVID restrictions for MLRB meeting and daily operations.

Stan asked about calendars printed by DRMS which Stan admired. Not likely to be printed this next year.

Jim Stark described a bond recalculation issue, citing a letter issued a few years ago, 732 letter from OSM, Bowie #1 mine (reference only).

Coal production numbers are increasing.

Legislative Report: Dianna Orf 

Update on Headwaters bill proposed in Water Resource Interim Committee—Senator Kerry Donavon withdrew the bill from Committee consideration and plans to introduce separately.

First deadline for bill introduction is December 1.

Dredge and Fill—Sean McGrath told Water Resource Interim Committee CDPHE would not pursue legislation but left the door open if stakeholders wanted to move forward or if the feds don’t go back to the 2008 rule.

Senator Hansen asked at JBC hearing about coal mine methane emissions (we can provide follow-up reply).

Increased APCD staffing proposed.

Other potential legislation—Professional AQCC, modeling guidance.

Tax Expenditure Report—JBC did not discuss recently released metallic/molybdenum severance tax report from State Auditor. JBC did discuss how to smooth out severance tax collections.

Employer sponsored vehicle trip reduction—Senator Winter plans to pursue legislation following withdrawal of proposal in front of AQCC.

Air Quality Enterprise Board received presentations for proposals for funding. Collecting money and reports.

Update on GHG fee rule?

Stan reported on Carbon, Capture and Sequestration Committee hosted by Governor’s Energy Office and Colorado School of Mines which clearly stated that CCS would not be used for coal fired power generation.

Further discussion on bond release.