Coal, Hardrock, and Uranium Committee Meeting Summary: November 2022

October 18, 2022

DRMS Update

Russ Means – Acknowledgement of High Mountain Clean Water Act Citizen Suit, CDPHE took a backseat to allow lawsuit to move forward. Ruling related to Maui – November 1 meeting with CDPHE, probably won’t be limited to single mine site, forwarded on compliance advisory requiring discharge permit.

CDPHE will look at any unlined pond – similar conditions, may have to get discharge pond – short notice, November 4 to get application in.

Jim Stark retiring from state service then is headed to OSM, will be doing field work – October 31.

Uranium Update

Jeff Kurtz reported that he is working with a second Australian junior mining company (with SRK) to begin evaluating permitting in the Uravan mineral belt near Montrose County. Will likely need a stormwater permit because of disturbance of nearly 5 acres. Stan Dempsey expressed CMA’s support for exploration activity and what regulatory requirements that might be imposed. WQCD does not have baseline data, another concern is the timing of obtaining a permit.

Check with Diana Kelts – Lucas West statement about exploration entities needing stormwater permits.

Regulatory and Legislative Update

TENORM – New proposal updating TENORM regulations adopted in 2020. Will review proposed changes and website to see if a stakeholder process occurred. Verified the Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission will promulgate changes to rules and includes exemptions requested by CMA in 2020. Possible impact to generators because of new requirements on landfills.