Water Quality Committee Meeting Summary

July 20, 2021

State Issues:

Water Quality Forum Retreat: Several workgroups formed, Water Quality Forum Workgroups including:

  • 10-Year Roadmap
  • Permit Webinar

New subgroups created:

  • Anti-Degradation, implicit no impact limits—memo to be developed,
  • Alternative’s analysis guidance for Anti-Degradation,
  • Chemical evaluations. Starting in January there will be a Q&A session. Good time for CMA to offer comments.

CMA supported creation of Colorado Aluminum Criteria—experimental group, no division participation led by Bob Gensemer of GEI (CMA member). Bob described new EPA national criteria. Interest in working on new standard becoming evident in rulemakings and discussions. Will be of specific interest to CMA members.

Specific Dredge and Fill group created by Water Quality Forum. Dianna updated the committee about broader dredge and fill developments.

  • Water Resources Interim Committee deliberations
  • No Division stakeholder meetings

Question was asked if any entity has met with the Division regarding any prohibited activities established by the Division pertaining to dredge and fill.

Stan has set up a meeting with interested external stakeholders to discuss overall direction of dredge and fill issues.

Chemical Evaluations: Miguel Hamarat updated the Committee about the new policy which is causing confusion with operators. Division asks for additional information from operators and clarification needs to be made regarding methods of meeting policy requirements. CMA will discuss with the Division and other stakeholders.

CMA’s Water Quality Committee will meet with the Water Quality Control Division staff on Tuesday August 17 at 9:00am.